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About me, Emma Hill Film & Photography

Hey, I'm Emma. Thanks so much for stopping by!

For years I've enjoyed capturing moments through photography. My Grandpa kept every camera he's ever owned and has quite the collection in his attic! He sometimes brings them down and dusts them off for us to have a look at.

I was always interested in his cameras, but even more fascinated by the memories they'd been used to record. Photos of weddings, family gatherings and holidays. Sweet memories, and emotional ones too.

After studying I had the chance to film a friend's wedding and loved it! I've found that telling stories through film and photography is a real passion. There's something very special about being able to hand over a beautiful record of a couple's day which will be treasured.

My focus is on storytelling; capturing genuine emotion and a couple's love for each other. The wedding films I create focus on using great shots, combined with audio from your day and set to music which reflects your story and who you are as a couple. When photographing a wedding I have the same approach and focus.

My husband James is often my second shooter at weddings, helping me to capture your day. When I'm not working you'll find me wandering around art galleries, having a picnic with James by the sea or curled up on the sofa watching Disney movies (who doesn't love a happy ending!?).

About me, Emma Hill Film & Photography
About Me, Emma Hill Film & Photography
About me, Emma Hill Film & Photography